Charging Ladles on flat cars

Gatwood, Elden J SAD




I went back into my photos, and yes, these are charging ladles.  From their size, they are for a full-size steel-making facility.  My guess is USS Gary Works.


They do appear to have those cross tie-downs that make good modeling.


These are not the ladles you’d see in an open hearth complex, but more likely an electric arc or basic oxygen process (BOP) shop, due to the need to charge the furnace direct from these large ladles.


I do not see refractory in the ladles (also a great freight car load), so they can’t be modeled with some of the steel hobby models that already have it installed.


Why no one does a ladle load like this is beyond me.  These are a MUST for anyone modeling a RR or branch serving a steel mill.


Elden Gatwood

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