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Daniel A. Mitchell

Not the same kind of ladle, but Artitech does a nice slag-ladle load, complete with blocking.

Dan Mitchell

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And another great load:  refractory shipped on pallets, banded.  The steel industry and foundries went through refractory like you wouldn’t believe. 
There was a great “Mr. Plaster” load I made dozens of for this purpose.
Elden Gatwood
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They are indeed.  The refractory more often.
I’d venture two to several times a year, up to a couple years, but an on-going process, with so many ladles in play.
They were sometimes made on-site, but there were off-line makers, including Pugh, Treadwell, etc.
Elden Gatwood
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Subject: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] Charging Ladles on flat cars
  Your last sentence implies that the ladles are a "consumable" that gets replaced
fairly often ... ?
                                                    - Jim 

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