Photo: Loading Treated Water Pipe (1935)

Andy Carlson

Less than 10 years ago, the city of Fort Bragg California (Home to the "Skunk" California Western RR) replaced their last community redwood water pipes. These were rifle drilled logs with an iron wire wrap. My understanding was that wood water pipes were at one time quite common.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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If anyone on this list is a member of AWWA (American Water Works Association) or can find the AWWA Journal in a library, there might be a history of water distribution.  AWWA was founded in 1881 so they were around for this.  I'm not sure there ever was an AWWA standard for wooden stave pipe, at least I can't come up with one.

I suspect it was a regional thing.  In the east, home to the NEWWA (Northeastern Water Works Association), cast iron pipe would have been favored, while the west and northwest would have leaned toward the wooden stave pipe, while the areas in between could have leaned toward one or the other on the basis of transportation costs by way of railroad flatcar.

There were probably essentially no new installations of stave pipe after World War II.

Ron Merrick, piping engineer

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