Re: Photo: Loading Treated Water Pipe (1935)


There are at least three different types of wood pipe.  The earliest type, bored-out tree trunks, is too early for our interest as freight car loads.  The first picture in this thread, of stave pipe with metal (probably steel wire) bands, is suitable for pressure service, meaning water distribution.  There's a lot of non-potable water distribution, but that's a good question whether any of it was ever used for utility potable water distribution.  Redwood, as I understand it, doesn't need preservatives like creosote.

And, the banded stave pipe very likely was used a lot for sewer, meaning non-pressure, piping.  The type shown in Bruce's photo is probably non-pressure given its wall thickness and construction method.  But the point is well-taken that WWII probably prolonged the use of anything that could be made wholly or in part of non-strategic metals, such as freight cars.

Ron Merrick

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