Re: Weathering A 1920s Tank Car

Bruce Smith

Add spilled lading on the center section of the tank where the dome is and it sounds pretty complete. I would skip most rust, although a little at the tank bands where they move on the tank during expansion and contraction might be in order. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

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On another group Larry Olsen asked:

"I’m going to be weathering a Tangent General American 8000 gallon insulated tank car. The tank car is silver and has a 1922 built date. I want to weather the car to represent a three year car that has been hauling gasoline. As prototype 1920’s color photos aren’t available, what colors should I use to weather the tank. Should I just weather the soot that would accumulate on the top of the tank and run down the sides when wet. Would light rust begin to appear on the tank top for a tank car three years old. Then add the wheel splashed on the ends and under side of the tank. Thanks for the help."


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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