Decals for 1930's boxcars?


I hate to ask "dumb questions", but after three hours of fruitless online searching, I'm probably about to do so anyway.
I've been trying to find HO scale decals appropriate for  AAR boxcars (10' IH, not the taller "modified" design) as built for CN, CP, NKP, Soo, and possibly RDG .   I'm looking for their original lettering schemes, nothing applied after about the first qtr of 1940.
  Also other steel boxcars built earlier in the 30's for those and any other northeastern roads.
   I love Speedwitch Media decals, and I do have Ted's Erie and C&O decal sets, but unless I've overlooked something, I don't think he's done pre-war lettering schemes for other AAR boxcars.
Microscale's current online offerings seem to be heavily tilted away from steam era freight cars, what other suppliers should I be looking at?
Irv Thomae  

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