Re: Photo: Swift & Company Shed

Dave Parker

Remember that the only reason to think it might be 1935 is that whoever logged it into the DPL thought that was a plausible date -- thus the "?" after it.  We have seen this kind of guesswork over and over at various museums and historical societies, where the personnel (often volunteer) don't have any background in railroads or freight cars.  That's not a criticism; if I had to guess the date of a photo of a steamship, I would almost certainly get it wrong.

The poster depicts the "Little Swift's Cook" advertising campaign.  Although not an exhaustive search, I can find many examples of similar ads with given dates ranging from 1902 to 1916, but none later.

In conjunction with the apparent pre-SAA of all of the cars in the image, I'd argue that the best guess for a photo date here is still pre-WW1.  Occam's razor.
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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