Re: Carbon black hopper reweigh

Guy Wilber

Bruce Smith wrote:

“Since I model 1944, that car will need to be reweighed. I realize that a car could be reweighed by any road when due, but typically, the home shops tried to get that done. Any idea of where (and the scale code) these UCBX hoppers were reweighed?”

The July, 1945 ORER lists the following home points for United Carbon Company:  Borger, Texas; Indiana Harbor, Indiana; Kosmos, Texas; Milton, Pennsylvania; Sanford, Texas; Sheerin, Texas; Stinnett, Texas; Sunray, Texas; United, Texas.

I also noticed a few photos where there does not appear to be a reweigh. Were these cars ever not subject to the reweigh requirements?”

Prior to 1947 Type LO cars were not specifically called out within the reweigh rules; Interchange Rule 30 and Car Service Rule 11.  The reweigh interval was 30 months once the classification was added to the existing list.  This may have been a factor regarding the lack of reweigh stenciling within the photos, though I would be skeptical.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada 

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