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David and all;

In all the research, PRR analyses, and photo evidence, it is evident that PRR hoppers went off-line all the time, and if they went into anthracite territory loaded, they generally got reloaded with anthracite for the way back. PRR was a source of tremendous help to under-capitalized roads that did not have sufficient cars of their own.

I have seen hundreds of cars of anthracite railroads in bituminous territory, and vice versa.

PA bituminous was also widely shipped everywhere else, also, and one huge user was the roads that did not have steam-engine-quality bituminous on-line.

I don't want to cause another of those endless "Hoppers DID/DID NOT" travel dialogs, but the idea that hoppers did not travel is patently false.

Elden Gatwood

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It's about time to point out that PRR didn't really do much in the Pennsylvania anthracite regions; the vast majority of PRR coal was regular old bituminous.

David Thompson

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