Re: Decals for 1930's boxcars?

Ray Breyer

Hi Irv, 

The Nickel Plate's "swing tail R" was in use in advertising since the teens, but only used on some rolling stock and engines during the 1939-1947 period (and even then, was only haphazardly applied). During the war years all three styles of "ROAD" were in use at the same time, making modeling from photos a must.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

On Sunday, December 27, 2020, 12:51:01 PM CST, irv_thomae <irvthomae@...> wrote:

  I appreciate your suggesting K4 Decals for NKP, and I have been corresponding with Michael Hood.   I would like to model a car from the #15500-15999 series, built in Sept 1937, as it would have looked in the first half of 1941.

   The decal sheet that K4 currently offers (in several scales) uses a version of the NKP herald in which the 'K' in "Nickel Plate Road" has a curved "tail" but the 'R' does not.   Do you or anyone else happen to know when the decorated 'R' came into use? Pg 146 of Ted Culotta's "Freight Car Reference Book" shows that herald on NKP #20177, which was built in January 1940.  However, in that photo taken on July 10, 1943, the car looks as if it has been freshly repainted.

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