Re: Rapido GLa Hopper--Anthracite carloads on Great Northern



You bring up a point that I am very interested in: Carbon used for filtration in water plants. I model the B&O's Georgetown Branch ca 1945-55, and include the Dalecarlia Water Treatment Plant which sat next to the Potomac River at the MD/DC line. Various chemicals were delivered there and a plan of the overhead bridge structure used to transport raw materials at the plant has a tube labeled "Carbon." I have been thinking about this for the last week or so when I discovered it and am interested in understanding how this material was produced, where it was produced and how it was transported. I imagine it came in a very fine granular form, much like you see it today in your water filters, and small enough to be pumped through the 3" pipe at the filtration plant, by air pressure. Covered hopper? Tank cars? Box cars?

I wrote a blog post about my findings, here: which includes some diagrams and aerial photos. Here is a visual from 1956 showing the yard:

Photo by R. Mumford, from my collection of scans.

Thanks to anyone who may shed some light on this. 

Ben Sullivan
Brookeville, MD

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