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Charlie Vlk


Tony is correct….the Sanborn Maps often did not accurately or at all show railroad tracks as they had no direct impact on the fire information.

That being said, the earlier ones can provide some interesting information.   For example, the earliest maps for Downers Grove, Illinois show the first location of the turntable in a parcel on the south side of the tracks that later became a lumber yard.   When most suburban train terminations were transferred from Riverside to Downers Grove and a new suburban coach yard and engine house were built further west and on the north side of the tracks and a larger turntable was installed.

Without the Sanborn Maps we would not have known about the earlier location. 

The earlier the issue the better chance it has of showing reasonable track configuration.

Charlie Vlk


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Garth Groff awrote:

Sanborn maps usually show railway tracks in detail. 


      Only if they are simple. The area near the SP in San Luis Obispo, California shown in the Sanborn shows nothing at all in the railroad area, with the notation "full of tracks."

       The same map group shows a double-track industry service as single track, and shows a wye as a single curved track (one wye leg). I would say that Sanborn MAY show tracks accurately, but may well not.

Tony Thompson




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