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Daniel A. Mitchell

Here’s the Ambroid USN Helium tank car, done as per instructions, little or nothing extra done to it.  I got the model assembled, at a flea market. Overall, a pretty decent effort. Mostly it just need a ton of Archer rivets ... the prototype’s whole frame was riveted together, quite prominently. The tapered tank ends don’t quite line up, but they don’t look too bad either. And NO, I’m not going to take it apart to correct this minor issue!

Interestingly, a number of these cars survive at the SpaceX launch complex in Florida, off their trucks, and used as staionary helium storage.

Dan Mitchell

On Dec 28, 2020, at 4:29 PM, Bill Parks via <BPARKS_43@...> wrote:

I've seen one or to of the helium cars in completed state, and when done properly, they are a great looking car - not sure I would want to take on that challenge though.

As far as the NYC/Conrail hopper, I'm speechless, and would be interested to hear the opinions of some NYC experts.

Bill Parks
Cumming, GA
Modelling the Seaboard Airline in Central Florida

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