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Tim O'Connor

Since tariff making was a pain and since tariffs were based on 'carloads'... just making the
"car" out of two cars must have made sense to the accounting department. And possibly it
made a difference to work rules too (like 44 ton locomotives vs 45 ton locomotives).

I don't know of any cars paired before the 1960's. The SP had such cars (e.g. F-140-1).

On 12/28/2020 3:10 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:

Bruce Smith wrote:

That's just one of the challenging aspects of this kit. I'd love to see a high quality helium car (pre- or WWII era) in resin and I've thought about building a set (they usually travelled in pairs)  . . .

I think the drawbar-connected pairs were made well after World War II, in fact maybe after 1960. Someone on the list probably knows for sure.

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