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There were 241 Helium cars built in 8 series. First were 3 big tubes, them 28 small tubes, then the last 6 sets had 30 tubes. The articulated cars date from around 1985. Models of the 3 tube were done poorly by Lionel. The 28 tube version was a wooden model by Sterling and Universal. The 30 tube version was done by Ambroid, Northeastern,  AHM, and Pecos River Brass, but none really capture it. I had hoped that resin kits would be available.

If any manufacturer out there wants help, I have crawled all over one of the cars here in Houston and shot detailed photos of everything I could find. I included a tape measure in many of the photos.  Santa Fe modelers need some.

Cars are preserved in Houston, Amarillo, Flagstaff, and at Edwards AFB and Cape Canaveral, possibly elsewhere.  


J. Stephen Sandifer


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Bruce Smith wrote:

That's just one of the challenging aspects of this kit. I'd love to see a high quality helium car (pre- or WWII era) in resin and I've thought about building a set (they usually travelled in pairs)  . . .


I think the drawbar-connected pairs were made well after World War II, in fact maybe after 1960. Someone on the list probably knows for sure.


Tony Thompson




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