Re: SLSF 53395

Bill Keene

Thank you Rich for the for the SLSF 53395 class info. Modeling one of these cars will be on my future fleet modeling list. 

Bill Keene 
Irvine, CA

On Dec 29, 2020, at 4:00 PM, Rich C via <rhcdmc@...> wrote:

According to the RPI site:

  • In 1928-'29, the Frisco built more USRA-clones, in the 53100-53346 series (1928) and 53350-53647 series (1929), with Dreadnaught ends from Union Metal Products, Ajax hand brakes, and Bettendorf trucks. In 1949, the series was listed as 53100-53647 series, 491 cars.

Rich Christie

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