Re: Photo: D&RGW Gondola 70298 (1949)

Schuyler Larrabee

Dennis Storzek wrote:


These cars had clasp brakes . . . more braking power per axle


Which explains a lot, Dennis, thanks.




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I noticed that Eric, and I first thought that those must be replacement trucks.  The sideframes look much more modern than 1922, but outside hung on a truck with those sideframes seems very odd.

These cars had clasp brakes, that is, brake shoes on both sides of the wheel, similar to passenger cars. The big B&LE hoppers built about fifteen years later had them also. Clasp brakes, which pinch the wheel between opposing brake shoes, develop more braking power per axle, a consideration when running full trains of these heavy (for the time) cars.

 Dennis Storzek

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