Two boxcars

Richard Remiarz



I have been trying to clear off my workbench by finishing various freight car projects by the end of the year.  I just finished two boxcars.


CNW 107734 is a riveted side PS-1 boxcar.  It was built from an Intermountain 10’ 6” boxcar kit.  Intermountain 4044-02 Youngstown doors, 40' PS-1 roof w/ end panels removed, 50' PS-1 ends, and 40' PS-1 detail sprue were used.  I added a Red Caboose AAR underframe, Kato ASF A3 trucks with ReBoxx 20950 wheelsets, Kadee 158 couplers, 2002 roofwalk, 2252 side grab irons,and 2024 Equipco brake wheel; DA BW6401 Equipco housing and FC6213 door handles; Tichy brake levers, HiTech Details 6040 air hoses and brackets, Archer AR88025 rivets, Speedwitch D197 decals, and Speedwitch chalk mark decals.  I painted the car with Tru-Color TCP-010 Black and TCP-183 C&NW 1944-60's Freight Car Brown after priming with Tamiya Fine Surface primer.  Weathering was done with Pan Pastel Paynes Grey Extra Dark and Polly Scale Rust and Grimy Black.


SP 82765 is a class B-50-21 1937 AAR boxcar.  It started as an IMWX kit.  The underframe was detailed with a Westerfield AB brake valve, Cal Scale dust collector, and Yarmouth brake levers.  Other details include Kadee 2251 side grabs, 2016 gypsum running board, 158 couplers, 441 brake pads, & 2021 Equico brake wheel.  From Yarmouth I used 507 cut lever brackets and 201 stirrup steps.  I used Accurail Bettendorf trucks with IM 0.088" wheelsets.  Other details included DA BW6401 Equipco brake housing and SY2210 chain, Plano 132 Gypsum brake platform, HiTech Details 6040 air hoses and brackets, Tangent TSM203 coupler lift bars, and Tichy 3021 grab irons.  The original plan was to use the factory lettering, but I wanted to model a car repainted with the Southern Pacific spelled out.  I removed the lettering on the left side of the cars and repainted with ScaleCoat Boxcar Red and used Speedwitch and Sunshine Models decals.  Weathering was done with Pan Pastel Neutral Grey Extra Dark and Polly Scale Rust and Grimy Black.  I used Speedwitch chalk mark decals.  Special thanks to Tony Thompson for answering questions so I could get the details right.


By tomorrow I should have the last freight car on the workbench done so I can start a new set of projects.



Rich Remiarz

Vadnais Heights, MN






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