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Richard Remiarz



The CNW car was built based on the article in RPCyc Volume 1.  Now that I found a PS-1 underframe I will build another more modern version of the car, and won’t have to sand off the end panels on the roof this time. 


For the SP boxcar I was inspired by Bill Welch.  I didn’t take it to the level that Bill did with some of his “extreme modeling”, but I wanted it much more detailed than the typical plastic kit.  With the roof walks, brake wheels and bracket grabs offered by Kadee, the etched brass parts offered by Yarmouth and others, and other detail parts now available it is becoming much easier build older plastic kits to the level of newer resin kits or high-end plastic cars.


Now that I am retired and spending more time modeling, I am also volunteering and getting involved in new areas of the hobby.  I am the new coordinator/editor for the GNRHS Modelers Pages, and part of the GNRHS modeling committee.  I want to stay updated with the latest parts and techniques so that I can apply them to GN models and write them up for the Modelers Pages.



Rich Remiarz






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From: Clark Propst
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2020 6:02 PM
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Two boxcars


Well done Rich! Tough to keep track of all those extra details  ; ))




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