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I have in my files the plans for a Southern Railroad Poultry Car dated 1906. It looks more like a stock car with screens, definitely not a LPTC clone. It is copyright Southern Railway Historical Association.

The May 1906 ORER says the Southern had 18 Poultry cars. The 1911 states 41 Southern Poultry cars. June 1917 lists 43. 1925 lists 24. 1940 lists none.


J. Stephen Sandifer


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I have nothing, except Kristen’s note that states 1900 circa ORER’s do list some railroad owned poultry cars. The ORER’s would give you car numbers and dimensions. But as to what they looked like, I have no idea. I don’t know if the railroad owned cars were built Live Poultry design, some other poultry car design or to a railroad specified plan.


Doug Harding


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Lackawanna & Southern poultry cars


Good evening,

does anyone have images or car numbers ?   I believe both roads had a few.

brad andonian 

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