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Great looking model, Bill. I too will go back and improve yesterdays models with what I learned today.

Rich Christie

On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 08:02:10 PM CST, WILLIAM PARDIE <pardiew001@...> wrote:

The recent discussions of Frisco USRA gondolas plus my own efforts in gathering information don the Sunshine rebuilt frisco gondola prompted me to bring out and photograph one of the first series of Frisco gondolas.  This is a Precision Scale car that I did over thirty years ago.   Looking at it now I see that some lettering was missing such as the reweigh date and GB designation.  At least the car number is in the correct series.  I did not think that I had added any detail but I see that I had improved the brake rigging and maintained the split K brake arrangement.  I also added air hose brackets and a crude Carmer cut lever. The wood interior and exposed floor board ends deserve better treatment.

The car was finished from an article by Richard Hendrickson in which lettered the oppoisite side for a different railroad.  I find it rewarding to go back periodically and improve on work long finished.

Hope you enjoy:
Bill Pardie

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