Re: Photo: D&RGW Gondola 70298 (1949)

Todd Sullivan

Hi Corey,

There are a couple of thins that will come before a photo  of my UCR gon in log service:

1) Completion of our new house, scheduled for March 8 currently, but subject to possible delays (as witha any major construction project).
2) Moving 2/3 of our household goods and 85% of my model RRing equipment and material dwon to Texas from Syracuse, NY.
3) Building a new layout.

All are possible and currently on track. 

I guess I could create a photo diorama and tackle your request that way.  That's actually a good idea, as I have nowhere to take realistic photos of my models.  I might get that done in a month or so.


On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 9:03:47 PM CST, Corey Bonsall <coreybonsall@...> wrote:

Mr. Sullivan,

I'm glad you enjoy your cars!  I think I saw one of those photos come across here of the UCR cars in log service, and it was very intriguing.  These cars and kits are definitely a labor of love, it would be great to see a photo of your GS gon in such service.


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