Re: 1937 AAR boxcars: Dreadnaught corner posts

Tony Thompson

Dennis Storzek wrote:

The ends were a proprietary product (also patented) so when the Standard Railway Equipment Co. changed the way the ends were to attach, everybody else, railroad and carbuilder alike, had to modify their designs. Any blurring of the actual date of change likely traces back to when exactly the contracts were signed, when the ends were ordered, etc. This is really a good example of the railroad engineering departments losing ultimate control of the design process to the vendors, a trend that would only accelerate. This same thing is very evident after the war, when SRECo. changed the designs of both the pressing pattern in the ends and also the roof. The parts were functionally interchangeable, so the change happened literally overnight.

     Perfectly stated answer to an unobvious question. Thanks, Dennis.

Tony Thompson

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