Re: Photo: Speas Company Vinegar Tank Car

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


In October 1956 Speas Company operated 11 vinegar tank cars. SVMX 1 was an 8K gallon TM car, while the rest were 9K gallon TW cars numbered 121-130. The reporting address for these cars was a Speas Company office in Kansas City, Missouri.

Given that both cars in this photo have their car numbers obliterated, I would suggest they were awaiting scrapping. Note that the car closest to the camera has an additional horizontal brace on the right-hand tank which is missing from the left tank.

Wikipedia has a short page on Speas Company at . It is mostly about a factory building in Charlotte, North Carolina (now a brewery). I also found a photo of their KC plant at . A search on "Speas Company" on that page turned up a whole bunch of other photos of the plant, but sadly no other tank car photos. A google image search found a photo of a Speas plant in Paris, Texas, but it requires a Facebook log-in and I'm not a member.

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Photo: Speas Company Vinegar Tank Car

A photo from the Denver Public Library:

Click on the double-headed arrow and then scroll to enlarge the image.

Not much information on the Speas Company:

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