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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,
In cold areas with harsh winters railroads often used some type of switch heater apparatus to keep snow and ice from impairing the movement of switches, especially switches that are thrown remotely.
Today switch heaters are often powered with electricity, but in the past some type of combustible gas was often used. I recall when I was young that PC used combustible gas to heat switches in winter the Harrison NJ area for the Newark NJ station approach tracks.
Perhaps this is a combustible gas delivery system for such a purpose? These cars might be used to refill storage gas containers in remote locations, or the cars might just simply be parked and connected up to a gas pipe system, with the car being replaced with a fresh one when the gas runs low?
Claus Schlund

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Photo: CN Gas Tank Car 51860 (1937)

A photo from the Denver Public Library:

Click on the double-headed arrow and then scroll to enlarge the image.

Appears to load/unload from the car's end.

Built 1919.

Inflammable stencil.

I don't have any particular information on this car, but based upon the visible stencilled built date of 11/15 on the flat car itself, the most likely source was a CN 651264-651459 series flat car, originally built for the Canadian Government Railways as CGR 26000-26199. I see the "1/19" stencilled on the tank itself, which does provide a possible conversion date – given the unusual design of the tank, I'm inclined to think that it was specially built for this use, although one cannot rule out the possibility that it had been recycled from another use. The most recent reweigh is stencilled as "HQ 12/35", which translates to CN's Pointe St. Charles shops in Montreal.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada



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