Re: Sugar Beets Photo: D&RGW Gondola 70298 (1949)

Tony Thompson

     Almost all natural or seed products are too regular to model real sugar beets, which are, as someone said, carrots on steroids. They are strongly conical and quite variable in size. To see a good prototype photo, you may consult one of my blog posts (link below).

For S scale, I think fenugreek could work -- it is a quite irregular natural product -- but really too large for HO scale. I have tried it, and the color and shapes are pretty good, but really too big. I showed my fenugreek load in a blog post, though I really am happier with the old Chooch resin loads. (The latter are discussed in the blog post above). Here is the link to the fenugreek post:

The real "roots" (as SP crews called them) are dirty as well as irregular shapes, and I think modeling them really well is a definite challenge.

Tony Thompson

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