Re: Photo: Texaco Three-Compartment Tank Car 271 (1936)

Tony Thompson

I  wrote:
I call these trucks the "long strap" Andrews, unlike the short-strap version used later, for example under USRA cars. (Referring to the steel strap that attaches to the journal boxes.) The earlier trucks are L-section sideframes too, unlike the later U-section frames. Kadee makes an L-section long-strap Andrews.
Dave Parker replied:

While there is nothing wrong withe the descriptors "long start" and "short strap", I am not aware of any real basis for saying that one came earlier than the other.  

     I agree, Dave. I didn't mean to suggest that the strap length defines time of use. I just meant that the USRA cars with Andrews trucks were substantially later than the first Andrews trucks. Obviously I wasn't clear.

Tony Thompson

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