Re: Photo: Speas Company Vinegar Tank Car

Scott Kremer

I was at all of your presentations at the Naperville RPM meet, including the one on the pickle/vinegar industry.  You do an outstanding job. I have your very good book on the subject.  In fact after a number of years I am now in the process of making a model of the Speas facility in Wenatchee, Wa.  I have Sanborn maps and a couple of aerial photos which should be sufficient to allow me to produce a reasonable model.  It will have to be reduced slightly in some aspects but I think it will be easily recognizable.  I am curious.  Can you explain the piping involved in the process.  I read the part about rubber instead of metal but what is not clear is where the piping runs.  I cannot find any photos that make it clear where piping is run.

Thanks for all your work,


On Jan 2, 2021, at 8:25 PM, David Leider <sooauthor@...> wrote:

You are correct. I have photos of 3 Speas Vinegar cars in my book. There is also a 2 page history of the Speas company. I still have copies of my  "Pickle and Vinegar Makers of the Midwest" books available. A good reference for pickle and vinegar cars.

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