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That looks really good.
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On 3 Jan 2021, at 03:14, Brian Carlson via <prrk41361@...> wrote:

It’s. Finally. Finished.
Probably my longest semi continuous build is finally done. I’ve posted about this before.

The never-ending model build - P&LE Rebuild
• Tichy kit originally purchased 15-18 years ago at Niagara Central Hobbies in
St. Catherines Ontario for $9.99 Canadian on clearance. (~2000-2003)
• Started the build shortly after Ted Culotta’s Essential Freight Cars article on these cars in the September 2004 RMC
• Order the P&LEHS magazine that had an article on these cars
• Broke/lost crossbearers during the build, replaced with similar evergreen
• Didn’t like that there was no rivet detail on the sides of the ends. Ted harvested rivets for this, I tried but found it very tedious and difficult for me
to get a straight line.
• Kitbashed/modified the doors per the article, was never happy with them.
o Put the kit aside for the first time. (mid 2000’s)
• Archer surface decals released, Yeah! solved the rivet issue. (2014 ish)
• Order Speedwitch resin doors for the car. Misplaced the doors “someplace”on the workbench, never found.
o Put kit aside again (2014 ish)
• Speedwitch Media restocks resin doors for this car, order them again 2017-2018
• Pry off my first doors and clean up the body, install Speedwitch doors.
March 2018
• Install coupler lift bars and air hose brackets. April 2018
• Install shop trucks to bring the naked model to NERPM 18 because the Accurail Andrews trucks have disappeared, or more likely were installed on another project.
• Pack naked model for NERPM 5/30/18
Future… Prime and paint model, Letter with Speedwitch decals summer 18… I hope, but now that I look at the stirrup steps I may replace them

Well, paint and decaling finally happened in 2020, (Lt wt settled slightly, ugh) and I did replace the stirrups. Andrew’s trucks were purchased in November, I think. Bought a dozen so I have some for future work.

I’m sure I am not the only one with a project like this.
*Route cards still need to be added. I need to read Tony’s blogs again. All my cars are missing them.

Brian J. Carlson


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