Re: P&LE USRA rebuild


I built one as-is, sometime in the early 2000s.  At the time, I was happy to have a distinctive car that went together in slightly less time than an early Sunshine.  It's somewhere in one of the twenty car carriers that my freight cars now live in, awaiting transfer to the new railroad.  But clearly I missed something.  I'm sure I used the decals in the kit, too.

But, on the positive side, I too am fishing out cars that I set aside for some reason, or maybe for no reason, to at last get them finished and on the railroad.  Those are mostly Sunshine (note reference above).  I have a couple that I'm contemplating removing the roofs from, in one case because it's actually the wrong roof (T&P box) and in other cases the roof was not well done, sometimes because I didn't get it aligned right, and in one case because there is a much better one (C&NW, subject of a Shake-n-Take from a few years ago).

I thought about attacking the roof with a Dremel saw, as being less injurious to the car body than some kind of chemical attack on the cyanoacrylate cement.  If anybody has done this, I'd be interested to hear results.

Ron Merrick

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