Re: Detailing for early tank cars

Eric Hansmann


I suspect this would need to be a labor of love. While some prototypes lasted into the 1940s, they were not common. Modelers with an earlier focus, like me and several others, could use more high walkway tank cars. Admittedly, we are a pretty small market for this type of detail product.

What would be useful is a metal etching production house that follows the Shapeways model. But again, it's a small market for even those details. Just my thoughts.

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

On 01/03/2021 6:04 AM Ray Hutchison <rayhutchison2@...> wrote:

Given all of the very good recent photographs of tank cars, I am wondering about the availability of detailing kits for these?  The usual models of these leave some things to be desired...

Ray Hutchison 
Green Bay WI

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