Re: T-Section Trucks

Jake Schaible


For clarity sake, you mean friction bearing Bettendorf T-section Trucks ... made in HO not only by Kadee and Walthers (as has been mentioned), but once also by Red Caboose. MTH also used nice Bettendorf T Section trucks for use on various cars in HO - including used erroneously on it's PFE R-40-2.  If you have this car, you may be able to swap.  Finally, I recall hearing that Brian at Tahoe Model Works was working on producing such at one time, but don't see it was ever released.  

Speaking of Tahoe, not there are of course, other "T-Section" type trucks, most notably Andrews, which he did do in HO as a limited edition for the Northern Pacific group:


By the way, if any manufacturer is listening, Bettendorf T section trucks have LONG been on high on the wish list for us N scale modelers .... never been made in N.  Detailed plans for such live at CSRM and I'd buy good ones (ex. injection molded POM) by the "truck load" in N, as they are the correct truck for the very popular Atlas PFE R-30-13 many other as built SP freight cars of the era.




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