Re: Detailing for early tank cars

Bruce Smith


When you say "early", what years do you mean? 

And "the usual models"... what does that mean?

There are excellent models out there of many pre-WWII tank cars that need no, or next to no embellishment, both in plastic and resin... far more than I have time to build right now, that's for sure! 

There are also quite a number of detail parts. The Owl Mountain safety valves have been mentioned, but others include the Precision brass hand rail stanchions, and bonnet (for pressurized cars), as well as brass outlets, etched brass platforms (Yarmouth)... so what are you looking for?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Detailing for early tank cars
Given all of the very good recent photographs of tank cars, I am wondering about the availability of detailing kits for these?  The usual models of these leave some things to be desired...

Ray Hutchison 
Green Bay WI

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