Re: T-Section Trucks

Jake Schaible

Yes, Tony, there's MUCH I'd like to edit in my above!  

Re Owl Mt, Jason told me recently he had started looking into making his own HO Bettendorf T Section Truck, but was able to purchase "several hundred pairs of the
Red Caboose/IMRC" version, so hasn't advanced his own version yet. 

On Sun, Jan 3, 2021, 12:07 PM vapeurchapelon <j.markwart@...> wrote:
Hello friends,

what's with the Owl Mountain Models flat car truck?:

I do not have that model, but others on this list have built them. Hopefully the one or the other will say some words. At the picture these trucks look fine (to me), but I don't think they are available separately.

Many greetings

Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953

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