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Douglas Harding

Steve are you referring to Mat Thompson’s presentation on Operations at his Swift Meat packing plant? I was not able to participate in the OpSig event, so I did not hear the question. I am familiar with Mat’s presentation and I know he does use some 50’ Mather cars that he kitbashed from the Lifelike PK2 models.


Regarding the 50’ Mather stockcars, you covered the basic information about the cars. I’m not sure I can add much more. Stan Radarowyche (sp) offered parts to kitbash two PK2 stockcars into a 50’ car. And I believe he published an article on how to do the kitbash. As these cars were created after my modeling era, I have not paid a lot of attention to them.


If I knew what was the question I might be able to help answer.


Doug Harding


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I assume many of this group are on the OpSig group that discussed Live Stock Operations today. The question concerned the 50’ Mather stock cars.


Mather cars were generally leased cars. Beginning in 1952 Mather spliced together pairs of 40’ cars, retaining the doors of both cars, producing a 50’ stock car. Cars in that configuration were operated by the

NKP (Photo 42023 1966)

NYC (as NISX painted Jade Green in 1966). The NISX cars were frequently seen on the Q. Photo NISX 3169 Freight Cars - Lake States Railway Historical Association ( and Freight Cars - Lake States Railway Historical Association (

CB&Q, 40 cars (50200-50239) for use in sheep and hog service which lasted until at least 1968.

Maybe Doug or someone else can add more details to this discussion.


For more info:

Burlington Bulletin, No. 25

Model Railroader, January, 1998


J. Stephen Sandifer


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