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On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 03:31 AM, greg snook wrote:
I love the weathering on the deck of your flat car.  Could you please share your methods for that?  I have one Owl Mountain flat car awaiting decals, and would love to weather it as well as you have.
Greg Snook
I'll send you the photos that go with the steps. It is actually rather quick & easy. Over the last 3 decades I've tried most methods and really like this one. Hardest part would be to find a Floquil Foundation replacement, although I guess any solvent based tan color would do, a rattle can would make it even faster.
  1. Nick and scrape the surface
  2. Paint with an even coat with Floquil Foundation
  3. Using acrylic paints (burnt and raw Siennas & Umbers, Ochre, Terra Cotta) randomly color individual boards. Don't need to be careful, quick is good. Wet the brush and thin the paint blobs on a palette. Craft Paints or artists tubes are fine. As a matter of fact, I will use any brownish craft paints to mix things up. You only need about 4 different colors each time, otherwise will look unnatural. Leave some boards Foundation.
  4. This is the unintuitive part. I then make a thin wash of Burnt Sienna acrylic and brush it on all over.
  5. Spray with Dullcoat (or similar)
  6. Apply a thin wash of turpentine and black oil paint.,
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA

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