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william darnaby

I still weather a lot with an airbrush, spraying dilute Floquil earth or foundation and rail tie brown mostly on the underbody, trucks (attached less wheels) and lower areas of the body while the car is still glossy after decaling.  Then comes the Scalecoat flat finish all over the car (I use Scalecoat exclusively for cars I decal).  After a day of drying I do the oil paint wash.  Using a watercolor brush I mix burnt umber and black in a small glass cup of Turpenol, loading the brush by sticking it into the oil tubes and then swirling it around in the cup.  The mixture gets applies to the roof first and then the sides and ends, letting the wash run down.  The wash tends to collect around details like rivets, seams, ribs, etc. and collects at the bottom.  If too much collects at the bottom of the side it can be wicked up with the brush.  Because the mixing process is haphazard the amount of application varies from car to car.


After a day of drying the reweigh and repack data and background paint is applied with decals over the oil wash.  Decal chalk mark decals are also applied at this time.  Then it is a final application of Scalecoat flat to kill the shine of these decals.  Finally, accents with Pan Pastels are applied.


Your mileage may vary, of course.


Bill Darnaby


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Turpentine, or the odorless alternative, Turpenol, are effective on all artist's oil paints, regardless of brand. It is not an appropriate solvent for other types of paint. 



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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Turpentine? Does it matter what brand of paint this is applied to?

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Nice. I think you've also just described the standard for steam era weathering for 2021 that many of us are using. The only tweak I'm currently doing different is after painting and before the Pledge Future coat and decaling, I apply a thin wash of Turpentine and black oil paint. It gives the weathering depth for steam era cars that me applying the pan pastels at the end can't do alone.  I've also found that if you do light swipes of a tan or light gray PP on the appliances and trucks, it highlights them as you would see them if the sun was shining.
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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