Re: Photo: Installing A New Deck On A Flat Car (Undated)

Schuyler Larrabee

Agreed, Brent.  Sometimes with these photos it’s the unintended subject matter off to the side (or in this case, straight ahead) that’s very much worth SEEing.  But what struck me about this image is that the crew must have known the precise dimension for the width of each plank. I mean, there’s an implicit optimism in installing the boards not in sequence from end to end, but somehow knowing that they’re not going to have to do a lot of lengthwise ripping of those planks to fit between the previously installed planks.




From: Brent Greer

Interesting to see some of the end details of the boxcar next in line.  Obviously this is a repair track, so it isn't all that shocking to see that the placard boards on the end are completely gone and just the mounts remaining.  But it is interesting to see where the road name and number are stenciled.  I wouldn't have gotten that detail right if I were modeling that boxcar without this photo.



Dr. J. Brent Greer

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Photo: Installing A New Deck On A Flat Car (Undated)

A photo from the Norfolk Southern Corporation:

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Looks like the planks with cutouts for the stake pockets are being installed first.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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