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Richard Townsend

Burlington Bulletin No. 25 says, in its discussion of the CB&Q's leasing of 40 and 50-foot Mather stock cars in 1963, at page 86, "The 50-foot cars had been created in the Mather shops about 1952 by splicing together pairs of 40-foot cars . . .." It further mentions that the NKP and NYC operated identical leased cars.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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There is a question of where did the 1952 date come from for conversion of Mather cars to 50 feet.
The January 1998 Model Railroader article by Jim Teese says conversions began in 1952. He also said his source information came from the Burlington Route Historical Society Bulletin no. 25 (April 1992) which is still listed on their website but I have not seen it.
Jeff Wilson, in his Kalmbach book Livestock & Meatpacking, says Mather “In the late 50s, rebuilt some of it 40-foot cars into 50-footers” (page 19). The same Burlington Route Bulletin is listed in the book’s Bibliography but I don’t know if that is the source of the late 50s comment.
Mat Thompson

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