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Tim O'Connor

CB&Q leased cars also carried MSCX reporting marks.

On 1/4/2021 8:18 PM, Rupert Gamlen wrote:

To provide some clarification to the discussion (looking into the future) -

According to ORER’s, the first group of CB&Q leased Mather cars, 20000-20139 (40’ 3” inside length) was received between February 1960 and August 1960

The second group 50200-50239 (50’ inside length) was received between May 1965 and April 1966.
In both cases, the ORER’s state that repair bills should be sent to North American Car.

Rupert Gamlen
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1952 is he date given in the Burlington Bulletin. However, I searched the 1959 ORER that I have and could not find them in NYC, CB&Q, NKP, or North American listings. The few photos I have found were all taken in the 1966-68 date range.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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I haven't been able to find any evidence of the 50-foot cars being converted in 1952. 1962 is more likely a correct date, but by then Mather didn't exist.


Where did the 1952 date come from? I'm working on a full timeline of Mather from 1880-1956, and I'd love to see that data.


Ray Breyer
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Tim O'Connor
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