Re: Canopy Glue vs. CA

Todd Sullivan

Hi Darrall,

I use Woodland Scenics Hob-E-Tak, which I believe is similar to canopy glue.  Hob-E-Tak is great for tacking resin kit parts in position before adding CA, and it will hold parts together if they are not exposed to bumping and handling.  I used it throughout my constriction of an F&C NP 36ft boxcar, and it made alignment of parts much easier.  Two other examples: I used it to glue a styrene toolbox on the pilot deck of a P2K USRA 0-8-0 that I detailed for someone else.  The toolbox had to be removable in order to disassemble the loco to maintain lights, etc.  I also used it to secure cab awnings to a P2K USRA 0-6-0.  The awnings had attachment pins, but they did not keep the awnings on the cab.  Only one of the Hob-E-Tak'd awnings has come off, and it was easily re-attached without more glue.

I hope this helps.

Todd Sullivan.

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