Re: Atlas Swift 4-hinge reefer

Eric Hansmann

Thanks for the update, Doug. Understanding the meat reefer fleets of the 1920s, beyond Armour and Swift, has been a challenge.

Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

On 01/05/2021 8:29 PM Douglas Harding <iowacentralrr@...> wrote:

Eric, according to the caption in the Billboard Refrigerator Cars book p. 180, the car was built by General American at their E Chicago shop. But the caption also contains errors giving the wrong built date and the wrong car number, when the information is clearly visible on the car. Those errors could give one pause to question the rest of the caption. I can see no markings on the hi-rez scan I have that indicates the car was built by General American. The car was built in 1928 and repainted in 1935, which could have obliterated any builder markings.

I got the photo scan from the Fairmont Railway Motor collection.

Doug Harding

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