Re: Erie 80000 (2nd?)

Ed Hawkins

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Years ago I built one of the 10 early 40' PS-1 that were built with cushion underframe.  It's on my rip track now because the roofwalk has come loose, which is not my focus for this inquiry.  I think the underframe I installed was a kluge, made from Walthers cushion underframe extensions.

I see that these cars are listed in the Hawkins PS-1 reference files.  What I don't see are any photos online of these cars.  I found an older series of cars 80000-80199, which are basically the 1937 modified standard cars with 10-4 IH.

Did the first ten of these cars get renumbered to make room for these experimental cushion underframe cars?  Did the 2nd 80000 series last long?  Anything else noteworthy about these?

Ron Merrick

The 10 Erie PS-1s built 2-54 with Pullman-Standard cushion underframes were series 84000-84009, P-S lot 8160-F. I’m aware of two photo sources.

1. Erie/DL&W Color Guide (Morning Sun Books), page 46, 84002 taken ca. 1965.
2. P-S builder photos, Erie 84009, available from the Haskell and Barker Car Co. Collection, Smithsonian Institution. I’m unaware if the P-S builder photos, which were retouched, have been published. They were not published in my RailModel Journal series of PS-1 articles or in the James Kinkaid January 2002 Mainline Modeler article about the 100 PS-1s with cushion underframes. 

Ed Hawkins

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