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What's currently on my workbench. A Accurail PGE 36' Fowler. Needs renumbering, as the real series only went up to 3544. I'm also planning a project to turn a P1K 36' Stock Car into PGE 577 or a similar car. 

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Intermountain hi detail semi-scale wheels and scale couplers are a must for Broadway tank cars. The Broadway wheelsets are hideous. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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Workbench Wednesday time!  The workbench is a little crowded with Non-PRR cars right now! There are 5 Rapido cars, three GATC reefers and two NP boxcars, as well as the two Broadway Limited Imports tank cars. All 7 are on the bench for weathering. The process is NOT identical for all of the cars, but there are some commonalities. These are “fleet” weathering jobs.

1) Remove trucks and remove the wheels from the trucks. Protect the bearing holes with tape and grit blast trucks. Replace wheels with semi-scale flange wheels if possible and paint wheels flat black, front and back, in a jig. Replace couplers with semi-scale metal knuckle couplers (note that I leave the trip pins on as I plan to have magnetic uncoupling in locations that will be under catenary.

2) Airbrush a light uneven coat of Tarnished Black, RR Tie Brown, or Harbor Mist Grey on the bottom of the car to weather (and lighten) the black underbodies. Some overspray onto the lower sides and ends of the car was intentionally allowed on some of the cars. On the tank cars, I was careful to get the bottom section of the tank as well as the frame.  Lightly paint the truck sideframes in a similar way. I also sprayed the top of the running boards and the black tank platform and bonnet (on the Niagra Smelting car). Put trucks, sans wheels back on cars to protect underbody details.

3) Airbrush a light, uneven coat of Tarnished Black or Grimy Black on the roof. Again, some overspray onto the sides and ends was intentionally used to weather these parts. 

4) Both NP cars and one GATC reefer are getting oil paint dot filters on the sides and the tank cars are getting oil washes on the tanks. The tanks will probably also get a top dusting with airbrushed soot color.

5) All cars will get fresh paint (decals) behind updated reweigh and repack stencils, chalk marks, and in first for me, route cards. Interestingly to me, the URTX and GARX reefers appear to have their repack stencils near the left truck, not the right.

Once these are done (this weekend, I hope) then it will be back to work on a new project… or maybe the pair of Walthers N6B cabin cars occupying the Tichy box to the left (one is destined for a new cupola to become an N6A, and both are hopefully getting scratch built steps to replace the plastic ones. A recent order received from Pierre is on the right, including etched brass tank car straps for these steps and a set for a PRR F33 flat car. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL


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