Re: Workbench Wednesday!

Rich C

First time posting on this subject! All of you gents have some great projects under way.

Here is what I have going in my priority 10 drawere project cart.

1. Tichy Pennsy G30 WE gon. Finished detailing the underbody.
2. F&C Rutland 4100 composite gon. Deflashing.
3. F&C NEB&W 4100 composite gon. Deflashing.
4.Sunshine Santa Fe Ft-I flat. Deflashed adding lead weight to nooks and crannies.
5. Branchline Monon 50' AAR DD box. In Tupperware stripping tub.
6. Wright Trak Models Seaboard V-9 Ventilator box. A dedication to Bill Welch. Deflashing
7. Bethlehem Car Works M70 kitbash for PRRPro. Awaiting Keystone RPO issue
8. Westerfield Boston & Albany 40' steel USRA  box. Finished the grabs on the ends
9. F&C Pennsy GR gon. Weathering/Lettering stage.
10. Andy Carlson Mid Century GN 40' Pratt SS Box Car. Minor bodywork, underframe

Rich Christie

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