Re: Erie 40' cushion underframe cars Was: Erie 80000 (2nd?)

Schleigh Mike

Hi Ron----

I will not quell all your confusion regarding the ERIE PS-1 boxcars, 84000-84009, built nearly contemporaneous with the 490 cars in the 86500-86489 series.  40 foot cars but the ten possessed that P-S cushion underframe and 8' Superior doors.  Now, why the cushion UF?  The Larry DeYoung/Mike Del Vecchio Erie/DL&W color guide, page 46, offers no reason (and it is an oddity on the ERIE; try to find another cushioned car on their roster) however, in some deep recess of my mind I thought I understood these ten cars were built for use at Mansfield, Ohio for appliance service.  Perhaps that fact will someday be confirmed.

As for the InterMountain model, I did one years ago when the ERIE kit was offered.  To mimic the cushioned underarm I simply mounted the coupler housing protruding appropriately from the end.  I had no illusions of getting the underside details correct at that time although I had been very careful to do two Kurtz-Kraft and an AHM as correct as I could discern.  I don't recall that any P-S cushion details had fallen into my possession.

The equipment diagram makes no mention of the assignment of these cars nor does any ORER
 that I have reviewed.

As for the IH paint, I too was disappointed.  All of their ERIE cars were painted in a brownish shade of FCR, not possessing the reddish hew we see on ATSF cars.  (We have discussed this before.)  Again, I was not concerned about the lack of black paint on the ends.  First, I am not sure these cars had the black paint.  Perhaps they did and I hope this discussion brings out the truth.  Secondly, it is not well documented that repainted cars got black ends if they had them from new.  The color guide has a 1965 photo of 84002 and it seems to have not yet been repainted, and it shows it amply as it needs it badly.  You cannot see the ends to discern its color.

When and if I were to do another IM car for the ERIE, I would make no attempt to justify their paint and I would do that important detail myself.

Hope this helps----

Mike Schleigh in Grove City, Penna.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 05:21:15 PM EST, mopacfirst <ron.merrick@...> wrote:

First, I was wrong about the number -- these cars were numbered 84000-84009, not 80000 as I stated erroneously.  So that's not an issue. 

But I would probably need a major overhaul of the model to make it accurate.  I would note that this was long ago, in model terms, and in that era the Intermountain models mostly didn't even get black ends.  This was before the Kadee model, so I'd been trying to rush a number of the PS-1 models into service.

I would be curious how these cars fared in service.

Ron Merrick

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