Re: 1932 ARA MP cars and atlas

Robert J. Amsler, Jr.

I am happy to provide Bill’s presentation on AAR and ARA boxcars.  After all, he was so generous in providing it to us.


Here is a link:!Aq1D-Ec8PsWNh6VXELflZa_s3Syw6g?e=0Q4Bt0 


Let me if it does not work.


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Yes, Bill left instructions and handling of his estate is in process. But as with all things estate, it may be some time before matters can be settled.


The pdf of Bill’s PowerPoint on modeling the AAR ARA boxcars was shared by Bill via his dropbox account back in 2018. The pdf is 98mb, far too large to share via email. I don’t know if anyone has shared it via their website.


A family member does have Bill’s computers and access to some of Bill’s online accounts. I don’t know if this includes access to Bill’s dropbox account. Accounts that are password protected are sometimes lost if those passwords are not shared or passed on. My understanding is Bill did not share his passwords.


Doug Harding


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does anyone know who is handling his

estate? that can be contacted, to ascertain the status of this file?

mel perry


On Wed, Jan 6, 2021, 10:50 AM Gene Semon <mopac1@...> wrote:

Modeling the AAR_ARA Standard Steel Boxcars.pdf “ is an excellent power point presentation done by Bill Welch in 2018.  It was available as a download from Bill, but don’t know where it might be available now.  I did not see it on the Real STMFC site in the files.




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Be sure to reference Bill Welch's Modeling the AAR_ARA Standard Steel Boxcars.pdf  It has some MP/I-GN specific details


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