Re: NP 5418

Tim O'Connor

148 of the double door single sheathed cars in series 4700 to 4997 were still in revenue service in 1965!

Incredibly, 16 double door cars are in a 1972 ORER (2 years after BN merger), and another 6 are listed
as having no doors at all. That probably means they were in veneer service.

On 1/3/2021 1:48 PM, Richard Remiarz wrote (on STMFC)

Yesterday I completed NP 5418, a 50’ single sheath auto boxcar built from a Speedwitch kit.  I adding Intermountain 0.088” wheelsets to the TMW Dalman trucks, Kadee #178 coupers, and HiTech Details 6038 air hoses.  The car was painted with TruColor TCP-193 NP 1930-45 Freight Car Brown.


Weathering was done by coloring random boards with Prismacolor 30% warm grey, terra cotta, light umber, Tuscan red, and sienna brown colored pencils.  Pan Pastel Permanent Red Extra Dark was used to tone down the lettering and colored pencils, followed by Pan Pastel black for weathering.  Speedwitch chalk mark decals were used, along with Polly Scale Grimy Black on the wheel faces and Polly Scale Rust on the couplers and trucks.



Rich Remiarz

Vadnais Heights, MN



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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