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These might be the kits you are looking for:


Flat car kits $15 each Includes main body casting and laser-cut wood floor piece.

MP 8000 series 45’ fish belly side sill

MP 8100 series 50’ fish belly side sill

Mail orders to Chad Boas, 30 N 30th Street, Lafayette, IN. 47904

Or contact me at my email address chadboas@...

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In the movie "Troop Train", StLB&M flat car 8376 is featured as part of a pre- or early WWII movement of troops with their equipment. A quick check of the 1943 ORER show that there are 50 cars in this series and that these are the only flat cars with StLB&M reporting marks. Does anyone have any additional information on this series of cars? 


I note that Mask Island has decals in HO for them so I also wonder if there is an appropriate HO model?




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