Re: Tomorrow's zoom

Ted Culotta

[Copying the Hindsight as well as the grievance was aired there, too]

Fully begging the pardon of Mike and Jeff, I am going to use Ken as an example because I am frankly tired of his complaining about everything we do with Hindsight. He complains profusely because what we do doesn't align with his personal wants and desires.. This is the second time he has aired his displeasure about not receiving confirmation information. I privately explained to him the first time that it was because he had not actually registered. He failed to do so again this time. I fail to publicly take blame for his inability to follow instructions. It was stated quite clearly, "... you must add this [the registration] to your shopping cart and complete checkout to be registered and receive the zoom details." I have attached his recent order history - one decal order with the details blacked out along with two Hindsight registrations. That's it... no registration for the most recent one. Registration for the latest Hindsight was not even launched until after his Nov. 29 order so if he had registered, it would be there for all to see.

I will email Tony separately to uncover his issues as I received confirmation of his order, meaning he should have received a confirmation email, I did add him to the google calendar invite and I did send him an email this past Friday with the details.

That is all.... my arms are extended with wrists awaiting the cuffs of the sheriffs. However, it will have been worth it.

P.S. my presentation file and link to youtube of my clinic from yesterday can be accessed via my blog link below.


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